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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oliver Stone and Britney Spears Didn’t Like The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

It has been almost two weeks since Breaking Bad finished it's run on AMC and people just can't stop talking about the ending, including celebrities.  What makes some of these comments interesting is when they crossover from general praise to criticism.  It is fascinating who is making these comments and what some of their problems are.

First up is a celeb who admits he isn't a fan and missed most of the series, but that doesn't stop him from decrying the final shootout in the finale as an example of all that is wrong with the pervasive violence in TV and movies.  Maybe this wouldn't be so strange until you realize this is coming from the writer of Scarface and the director of Natural Born Killers himself, Oliver Stone.

“Nobody could park his car right then and there and could have a machine gun that could go off perfectly and kill all of the bad guys! It would be a joke . . . It’s only in the movies that you find this kind of fantasy violence. And that’s infected the American culture; you young people believe all of this shit! Batman and Superman, you’ve lost your minds, and you don‘t even know it! At least respect violence. I’m not saying don’t show violence, but show it with authenticity."

Stone reaffirms that not only would shooting a roomful of enemies with a rigged M60 be a bad idea, but if it were a movie it would be "laughed off the screen."  I mean he really thinks this is stupid.

“If people think that bringing a machine gun to your last meeting is a solution to a television series that’s very popular, I think they’re insane. Something’s wrong. It’s not the world we know."

It's just reassuring to know that the director behind Savages is protecting the world from exploitative violence.  Stone isn't the only celeb to recently chime in either.

Britney Spears is a self-confessed "huge" fan of Breaking Bad.  And, while it's good to know that this comment comes from someone who has actually watched the whole series, that doesn't mean she isn't without some regrets from the finale.  Her issue wasn't nearly as high-brow as Stone's though, she just thought it was a bummer.  According to Spears, in an interview with New York radio station Z100, she was firmly in the rooting for Walter White camp.

"I didn't like it at all actually. I didn't think [Walter White] should have died."

She even goes on to say she fantasizes that she can get an alternate ending where an ambulance revives him.  Let's just hope Jeffrey Katzenberg doesn't hear about this.

Katzenberg has just claimed he offered the creators $75 million dollars for three more hour long episodes.  He then wanted sell them as pay-per-view 6 minute clips at a dollar a pop, for "the greatest pay-per-view (event) in scripted television ever." I am so glad that isn't happening.

It's kind of astounding when Britney Spears is the most reasonable one in the room.


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