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Monday, March 5, 2012

Josh Brolin Makes The MIB3 Trailer Look Good

I've never been a Men In Black fan.  The first film wasn't terrible, but it wasn't anything special either.  The second film wasn't even as mediocre as the original and I figured at that point the franchise was totally dead and even if it continued I wouldn't be interested in any subsequent films.  Now comes along MIB3 and despite my better judgment my interest is piqued.

This isn't to say that the newest trailer shows any type of new direction to earn my intrigue.  Nope, it looks like the same old goofy CGI, digs at odd celebrities and obvious one-liners that felt tired when this franchise launched back in the 90's.  The tone is certainly consistent with the previous movies, because most of this footage looks like it could be deleted scenes from the earlier movies.  What has me developing a desire to see this movie is Josh Brolin's seemingly note-perfect performance as a younger Tommy Lee Jones.  I know that I shouldn't allow myself to be drawn into the obvious hype that the studio is trying to use as a hook, but I just can't help it. I'm sure I'm going to regret it, but Josh Brolin may just get me into the theater for a third MIB.

You can't judge me though. Take a look at the newly released trailer below and tell me Brolin doesn't make you smile.  If you can watch this trailer and not be a little interested in checking out his performance you are a better man than I.  So watch and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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