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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Image Of Armie Hammer & Johhny Depp In The Lone Ranger

Jerry Bruckheimer just posted on Twitter our first image of the duo from new Lone Ranger film.  The movie stars Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as his faithful sidekick Tonto.  The production is currently shooting and will be released in 2013.

I really like the more dapper look that Armie Hammer has in this picture compared to the classic Ranger style, but it is going to take seeing footage for me to believe in Depp's Tonto.  I am certainly hopeful for this movie because Gore Verbinski, the director of the film, did a hell of a job launching The Pirates of The Caribbean franchise.  My concern is that in each sequel Depp's Capt Jack Sparrow became more of an over the top burden for the audience endure, rather than the hammy treat he was in Curse of the Black Pearl.  This image of him as Tonto just screams, offbeat and slightly silly to me; which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as it is in moderation.  Only time will tell if Tonto works or not, but what is unarguable is that the costumes look great in a still photo.

I want to know what you guys think.  Are you looking forward to The Lone Ranger?  Are you worried Depp's silly antics are going to dominate the film, or are you a died in the wool Sparrow apologist?  Leave a comment below and let your voice be heard!

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