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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Funny Ice Age: Continental Drift Trailer Honors The Artist

I have no real interest in the next Ice Age movie, set to come out this summer.  None of the series' films have been particularly good and each one feels more stale than the last.  The best part of this franchise has consistently been the Looney Tunesesque trailers for the movies; featuring Scrat the squirrel and his eternal quest for an elusive acorn.  Well, true to form we have another must see trailer starring Scrat.  Even if you have no interest in ever seeing Ice Age: Continetal Drift you owe to yourself to check out this vdeo for a smile.  Perhaps taking a cue from last fall's parody trailers for The Muppets, the new clip re-imagines Scrat as a silent movie star in honor of The Artist.  It premiered over at TotalFilm and does a great job of both honoring The Artist and retaining it's own identity as an Ice Age trailer.

So check it out and let me know what you think.  Is this a fun homage or just cashing in?  Does this trailer motivate to check out the 4th Ice Age movie in any way?  Don't you think an 80 minute Scrat and acorn chase would be epically better than any of these Ice Age movies so far?  Leave a comment below!

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