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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Avenger's Assemble On Their First Poster!

If you guys have been reading this site for any amount of time you know two things about me.  1.  I couldn't be more hyped for The Avengers imminent release 2. I hate shoddy photoshopped movie posters.  Well, we now have an official one-sheet for The Avengers and it hits both of those things.  I absolutely love the concept of the team assembled amongst a crumbling New York ready to kick some serious ass . . . on the other hand everyone is looking off in different directions and doing their own odd little thing.  A couple of them look ready for battle, others like they are posing for a Christmas card and Black Widow looks like she's either pouting or too concerned with looking cool and mysterious.  The poster is so obviously photoshopped that part of me would wonder that it wasn't fan made, but this is definitely legit as it popped up on  

So with all that being said, how do I feel about it?  I have to admit I think it is cool and I can't stop looking at it!  On an objective level this is a poorly made poster, but my inner fan boy just can't be denied on this one, anything Avengers related gets me psyched for the movie at this point.

I want to know what you think.  Is this a cool poster or does it actually dampen your excitement for the flick? Look at the poster below and leave a comment to let you voice be heard!

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