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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Contraband trailer

The new Mark Wahlberg thriller Contraband has just received a trailer and it looks very passable.  There is nothing in this trailer that particularly excites me, but it does seem like the kinda flick I'll check out hoping for the best.  I really respect Mark Wahlberg, but I feel that he is an actor plays to the talent level he is surrounded by(especially behind the camera).  When he works with the likes of Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson or David O Russell he is capable of knocking it out of the park . . . when he isn't working with that talent level it can be a completely different story though.  Unfortunately that is the one thing we have no way of knowing, the talent level of this director.

Contraband is a remake of the Icelandic film Reykjavik-Rotterdam.  This new version is being directed a producer and actor from the original film named Baltasar Korm├íkur.  It goes without saying we really don't know what this guy will be bringing to the table.  Here's hoping we aren't in store for more of the same and we actually get surprised.  I mean if nothing else Giovanni Ribisi's heavy looks interesting right?

Well, check out the trailer and let me know what you think in the comments below.  Does this look like a movie you have seen dozens of times before or do you think we may be in for a surprise?  Are you looking forward to Contraband or is this the wrong film for Wahlberg to be following up The Fighter with?  I can't wait to hear your thoughts.  


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