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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thor 2 villains revealed?!

With Thor dominating the US box office the last couple of weeks, and doing even better internationally, it should come as no surprise that a sequel is already in the early planning stages.  Even though Kenneth Branagh had expressed interest in returning for a sequel, and the cast were all signed for multiple films, the big question was always if people would embrace a more "magical" superhero?  Well $225 million and counting in box office gross seems to loudly answer that question.  With The Avengers currently filming and slated to release next summer, it looks like Marvel would like to release Thor 2 in late summer 2013.  Iron Man 3 already has an announced release for that May; so as long as Captain America does well two months after Thor's release this may become Marvel's new release model.

While all of this may seem a bit obvious so far, the exciting news and new rumor is that they may already be zeroing in on the villains for Thor 2.  According to CinemaBlend it looks like the film-makers are interested in bringing in The Enchantress and The Executioner as Thor's antagonists.  For those that are unaware Amora The Enchantress is a citizen of Asgard whose main goal is the elimination of Thor's love interest in order to have Thor to herself.  Skurge The Executioner is a fellow Asgardian whose love for Amora allows her to manipulate him and use him for her own purposes.  Not to mention that as long as Loki survives his appearance in The Avengers(which he should or I'm leading the picketing) he and The Enchantress have a long history of working together to manipulate Thor.

I have got to say that if this isn't true yet it needs to become so soon.  While every superhero film has the perfunctory love interest, I really like the idea that  Thor could turn that relationship into the central theme and conflict of these movies. What has always set Marvel super heroes apart is not their powers, but their weaknesses which make them innately human.  I assume that as the Iron Man franchise moves forward we will further explore his alcoholism, Captain America will always struggle with being a man out of time with an unbreakable moral code and obviously the Hulk with his anger issues all serve to illustrate their struggles despite having super powers.  The tricky thing about Thor has always been how do you make a character that is quite literally a god both vulnerable and relatable?

I think that Jane Foster is the answer to that question.  I was always a bit curious as to why an actress of Natalie Portman's stature would take on a supporting role in a comic book movie.  Regardless of the reasons I now think it may be a the best thing that has happened to this franchise.  If the Thor movies turn into the story of his love for Jane Foster, and the complications that it brings into both their lives, then I think having an incredibly strong actress is not only a plus but a necessity.  I mean any good looking girl can play the damsel is distress.  If we are to believe that a god would sacrifice so much for something so fragile and fleeting as a human; she better be pretty damn special!  Superheroes can often come off as a bunch of self-centered navel gazers.  If Thor can somehow successfully pull off making a series of films about a fully realised relationship and how that motivates and guides the main character that would be pretty special.  Imagine that if instead of the heroes girlfriend being there only to serve as someone to save, his love interest actually defined who he was and who he could become?  I don't know about you but that sounds fantastic to me!

So let me know what you guys think!  Are you excited by the prospect of these characters taking on Thor?  Am I nuts for wanting Thor to turn into Tristan and Isolde?  Tell me in the comments below!


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