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Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Steel Poster

Real Steel is not a movie I am looking forward too.  I'm a boxing fan and a fan of giant robots, so this should be a home run for me right?  Unfortunately, not at all.  I keep finding myself wanting to like the prospect of this movie, but it just isn't doing it for me at all.  I think Hugh Jackman is a fantastic movie star.  I wanna believe he won't let us down, but let's face it he has been in some real stinkers over the years.  Not to mention it is being directed by Shawn Levy(Night at the Museum, Date Night) whose biggest strength seems to be making mediocre comedies.  I want to tell myself he hasn't made  straight forward sci-fi film before so may be he can surprise us, but I really don't believe that.  The biggest problem though, is that the trailer does nothing but bore me.

I think I have finally nailed down what my problem is.  The thing this movie needs, more than anything, is a sense of emotion from and about the robots.  The reason boxing has made some of the greatest sports films of all time is because of the emotional journey of the man in the ring.  We can see Mickey Ward find himself, Jake LaMotta punish himself or Rocky Balboa endure no matter the toll and care about them as characters.  If we aren't made to care about the robots fighting, and made to feel their "pain" and "struggle", then the fight scenes will truly be sound and fury signifying nothing.  Which brings me to today's poster because it seems to address this issue for the very first time.

The simple image of a robot hand clutching the top rope, in it's struggle to get back on it's feet, has emotional heft to it.  This isn't the hand of a broken appliance, but the hand of a sentient creature attempting to exert it's will to compete.  If this poster is closer to the tone of the final film than the teaser I may end up with egg on my face.  If they can give us robots as characters with true emotion, than this may end being a movie worth getting excited about after all.

Let me know what you guys think.  Is this a movie you are looking forward to?  Do you think this poster is a step in the right direction?  Tell me know in the comments below!


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