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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conan The Barbarian Trailer

I don't have a ton of background knowledge when it comes to Conan.  My entire exposure to the property has come from the Schwarzenegger films and occasional Marvel comic when I was growing up.  People like my brother(whose love for Robert E Howard borders on the obsessive) have spoken passionately for years about the untapped potential of the character.  Whether their talk was about what a reboot should look like or at the desire to see a middle aged Arnold play king Conan in a new John Milius helmed film, I was always kinda "meh".  I have no passion for this character.  Sure if they made a movie I'd show up, but I wouldn't be losing any sleep over it.  Things have changed though, and I am now getting cautiously excited.

With the people involved in this movie I should have no good reason to be excited.  Sure Jason Momoa looks good with his shirt off but I have zero idea if this guy is a leading man and don't get me started on Diredtor Marcus Nispel.  I have to be honest he has never made anything I have enjoyed even as a guilty pleasure.  I have heard the complaints from the Robert E Howard fanatics to seemingly every decision made from casting to costumes to sets to rumors about the films story.  All that being said I can't help myself, this trailer has done it's job.  I am full of anticipation for a movie I couldn't have cared less about a month ago.

I am totally digging on the dark fantasy tone shown.  I mean sure some of the CG looks a little low budget and cheesy but I like that it doesn't look like they resigned themselves to making a "small" film regardless of budget constraints.  It looks like they are really swinging for the fences trying to make a huge epic movie and I respect that.  I don't know is this movie will end up any good, but they have definitely won my money.  

I want to hear from you guys about this movie.  Are you already Conan fans?  If you are or aren't how does that shape your reaction to this footage?  Let me know in the comments below!


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