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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Colombiana Trailer

I think it's so cool Luc Besson has created his own mini-genre and a cottage industry to support it.  Twenty years ago Besson was making action movies that looked, felt and were different from anything else at the time.  Here we are in 2011and Luc Besson has become a brand name.  His films are no longer on the outside looking in, but have become the most consistent action earners being released that don't involve a $150million+ budget.  And, it's not him alone making these films either.  It seems like every other week he has a new young padawan learner he is bringing along.

The amazing thing about the Besson stable of films, is that while they are now incapable of surprising us they never grow tiresome.  It's like perfectly ripened fruit, you know exactly what the taste will be and it is simple, but once you bite in it is still completely satisfying.  In this case familiarity doesn't breed contempt but rather appreciation.  Luc Besson has become a combination of Sergio Leone and Roger Corman constantly trying to refine and perfect his chosen formula.  He newest film to join the ranks of Taken, The Tansporter and La Femme Nikita is Colombiana.

As you can see from the just released trailer Colombiana tells the story of a young girl whose parents are murdered in front of her, only to be trained to become an assassin herself and take revenge as an adult.  I certainly don't think it would be a stretch to think of this film as a spiritual successor to Leon: The Professional and I love that idea.  Natalie Portman's character all grown up and ready to kick ass.

I think the casting of Zoe Saldana is great. She is an actress that I am becoming increasing interested in and feel like she can totally hold her own as the lead of a film.  She seems to be poised to become the next female action star.  It wouldn't shock me if in ten years we are putting her in the same conversation as Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton.

As is the case with alot of these Besson produced action films he isn't directing this one himself.  Besson co-wrote the screen play with Robert Mark Kamen a long time collaborator going back to The Fifth Element.  Columbiana will be directed by Transporter 3 helmer Olivier Megaton who is quickly becoming another Besson protege.

So is the idea of yet more Luc Besson action goodness appealing to you as well?  Or have you started to reach your saturation point with his films?  Let me know in the comments below.


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