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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin Teaser!

The teaser for The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn just hit and I am doing metaphorical backflips.  I have obviously been looking forward to this movie the last couple of years based solely on the talent involved,(Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson) but I was always worried how the performance capture would look and feel.  Well, not only does this teaser assuage those fears it throws them out the window to deliver my new most anticipated movie of the year.

I know that Tintin is a huge character internationally but I have very little knowledge of him.  My only memories of this character at all were episodes of a cartoon on HBO I saw a couple of times as a kid growing up.  I remember being extremely fond of what I was watching at the time but to say I retain anything more than a general impression of the show now would be a lie.  In spite of that lack of clarity, later in life I would still wonder about that cartoon.  Of course I had no idea that it was based on a venerable comic series with decades of stories I could have tracked down.  Instead it became a lost cartoon I figured I'd never hear from again and confused the title with Rintintin(you know the K-9 cop) anyway.  Needless to say I never rediscovered Tintin which may actually be the biggest reason I am looking forward to this movie.

In an era when it seems like every big budget and genre film is a re-boot, re-make, adaptation, prequel or sequel I am over the moon that we will be getting a huge budget pulp adventure tale(two of em actually) that I know nothing about.  I won't have to go in worrying about what they did or didn't change, what  story beats feel wrong or rushed from the source material or how someones casting is all wrong.  Instead I get to go in and watch a movie based on a story the entire world has endorsed, directed by one of the biggest and best directors of all time who is also bringing along some of my favorite people for the ride.  I mean just look at the names involved!  You have Peter Jackson, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Cary Elwes, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell and Steven Spielberg all working together on a movie!  Even if you throw all that out the window, you still have this exciting trailer with gorgeous performance capture animation!  And maybe the best part for me, if the movie lives up to my expectations and I find a new world I enjoy there are dozens and dozens more stories to explore after the fact.

Tell me what is there to not love about this?  Christmas can't get here soon enough!  Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!


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