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Monday, May 2, 2011

Aaron Sorkin's female lead is Emily Mortimer!

I love Aaron Sorkin's work.  He is one of my three favorite film-makers on the planet.  I had the honor of asking him a single question last fall at a Q&A for The Social Network and I do not exaggerate when I say it was one of the highlights of my life.  As brilliant as his film work is, I have always felt that TV is the best fit for his particular voice.  Now I admit that some of this feeling is purely greed on my part.  I simply cannot get enough of his work and the world just feels like a better place when we can get a weekly helping of Sorkin.  If you were to ask me to list the five best television series of all time, two of his shows would be on that list.

Needless to say, when I heard that Sorkin would not only be returning to television but would be working with HBO, I was over the moon.  The premise of the series feels so natural its almost surprising he hasn't done something like this before.  The show, tentatively titled More as this Story Develops, will follow a cable news show. Jeff Daniels(Dumb and Dumber, The Squid and the Whale) has already been cast in the male lead as the anchor of the show.  Combing the backstage maneuvering of Sports Night and Studio 60 with the political play of The West Wing, An American President and Charlie Wilson's War the new show seems like a can't miss proposition.

Well the news keeps getting better and better.  Now comes word that Emily Mortimer(Match Point, Shutter Island) has been cast and is in final contract negotiations to play the female lead.  She will be playing the female producer of the show and her entire life and value tied into producing a quality show.  I am so stoked for this news.  Mortimer seems like a natural fit for Sorkin's stable of strong, yet sometimes neurotic women who spout dialogue like they just walked out of a Preston Sturges film.  Sorkin's female characters often posses a striking intelligence while also being incredibly lovable.

I can't imagine anyone who fits that bill quite as well as Emily Mortimer.  While some might not consider her strikingly beautiful, there is always something very likable, smart, endearing, vulnerable and dare i say magical about her perfomrances.  She has a twinkle in her eye that you remember the first girl you ever had a crush on in school.  She is an incredibly talented woman for whom the sky is the limit.  I'm not alone in this assessment either.  After this series comes out she will have worked with Martin Scorsese(twice), Woody Allen, Pixar and now Aaron Sorkin.  Not really sure how much stronger  an endorsement(or four) you could ask for.

So let me know how awesome this news is, how much you love Sorkin and how perfect this casting is in the comments below . . .or at the very least how off my rocker you think I am!


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