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Friday, April 29, 2011

Set photos of Spiderman swing test

I am incredibly optimistic about Marc Webb's The Amazing Spiderman.  There are alot of things about this production that I feel bode really well, but I will be bringing you a full length essay on that subject in the near future.  All you need to really need to know is that this is a movie I am very excited about, and I think you should be too!

On that note, I just couldn't resist sharing these fantastic set photos that have hit the web courtesy of Rafael Javier a photographer who posted them to his Flickr account.  I don't need to tell you I normally shy away from set photos.  I can often become paranoid about learning too much about a film before I see it, sometimes even avoiding trailers(ie I never saw a single frame of Avatar before sitting down in the IMAX opening day).

Fortunately, I have no qualms about sharing these photos, as they are pre-production shots and the only "spoiler" they contain is that Peter Parker can swing around like a monkey(ironic for a guy called Spiderman).  So check out these totally fun shots of the wire rigging used for Spidey to swing around on a bridge.  Let me know if these get you to "geek" out as much as they do me!


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