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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trailer Tuesday - Garden State

Note: I am a huge fan of trailers.  There is something fantastic about how the great ones can cause an emotional response, give you an indication of the content of a feature film and intrigue you enough to want to see the film; all in less than three minutes.  It is always interesting to look back at trailers and see how a film was being sold, remember the film itself or just to be reminded of days gone by.  Every Tuesday I will share a different trailer that I feel really stands out in one way or another.

Garden State is a movie that I feel like doesn't get enough recognition. It is a very good movie bordering on greatness.  Unfortunately, it was largely ignored upon it's release and six years later seems like most have forgotten it even exists.  Garden State is one of the best films of the last decade to tackle the subject of finding your own personal bit of happiness in the world and the malaise of modern life.

I don't know where the Zach Braff who wrote and directed this film went, but I hope that he comes back to us soon.  The man who made this movie was a filmmaker with a unique voice that I would love to hear from again.  Garden State is a funny, sweet, surreal and intelligent film that is truly one of a kind.  I get that Braff has made his name and money on a sitcom but the second coming of David Schwimmer really doesn't interest me that much; give me the Director of Garden State over that guy any day of the week.

Regardless of Braff's achievement on the film any thoughts on Garden State would be lacking without mention of Natalie Portman.  Only a couple of weeks away from what seems certain to be her first Academy Award, I still marvel at what she was able to accomplish with her performance in Garden State. Even with some admittedly high quality films before and since this project, I have never enjoyed Natalie Portman on screen more.  She is truly the heart of the film, giving off such natural warmth and joy that the audience can't help but fall for her quirky beauty. When Natalie Portman is onscreen in Garden State you can't help but be pulled into the film.

That's what so great about this trailer for the film as well; the magnetic pulls it exudes on the audience.  This teaser is completely tonal(as the best trailers so often are).  Even without dialogue or story elements presented you understand what the films purpose is.  This trailer, like many pieces of art, must be experienced to be understood.  After watching this trailer you know exactly what the film will be, yet you would be extremely hard pressed to explain to anyone in cogent way.  So sit back and enjoy one of the best trailers of all time to experience it for yourself.


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