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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trailer Tuesday - Magnolia

Magnolia [Blu-ray]In case you guys haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge fan of trailers.  There is something so fantastic about how the truly great ones can cause an emotional response, give you and indication of the content of a feature film and intrigue you enough to want to see the film; all in less than three minutes.  The problem is that once a film is released most people are content to forget the trailer as easily as the latest Ford commercial.  I love to look back at older trailers though.  It is always interesting to see how a film was being sold, remember the film itself (without having to invest a couple of hours) or just to be reminded of days gone by.  So I have decided that every Tuesday I will share a different trailer that I feel really stands out in one way or another. 

This week I wanted to start things off with what I consider to be the best trailer ever made, Magnolia.  Not only is it for a great film, but I feel like it does everything a trailer should.  The Magnolia trailer introduces all its characters, gives you impressions of the tone of the film, has emotional shifts throughout and yet never reveals story of any type.  So many trailers end up being 3 minute versions of the film that they almost render seeing the movie redundant.  Paul Thomas Anderson (who cut the trailer himself) creates a 2 ½ minute emotional art film that you don’t necessarily understand, but you are left wanting more.  It's like a cross between a short film and a teaser, it really doesn't get any better than this!  So enjoy my favorite movie trailer of all time, let me know what you think and see you next week!

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