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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thor Extended Trailer!

I am normally one who shies away from supporting anything "unofficial".  I am that guy who lectures his friends if he knows they have a bootleg movie.  Today I am making a qualified exception for a couple of reasons.  The first is that this extended trailer was created in an official capacity by the film-makers behind Thor; in fact this is the footage that was prepared for and shown at Comi-Con.  So even though the following clip has been taken down all over the internet, it does represent how Marvel wanted to unveil Thor to the public and in no way hurts their ability to profit from the film.  This footage has been available in one form or another since last summer, but this is the highest quality version I have found and many still haven’t seen it.  Rumors persist are that we will be getting an official Thor trailer before Tron: Legacy next month, so most of this clip will be given to us again soon in new trailers.  But the biggest reason I am posting this clip . . . is because it is just so badass! 

I've never been a huge Thor fan, but I have to say that what I'm seeing is giving me confidence.  Thor has always been arguably the toughest Marvel super hero to present on screen, especially if you need him to fit in with the existing Marvel film universe.  I think it is really smart the way that they are giving a sci-fi edge to Asgard, so that it can work as both mythology and within the science based world of Iron Man and Hulk.  I’m sure some may be turned off by this Flash Gordon vibe, but I have a lot of faith in Kenneth Branagh (Frankenstein, Dead Again) to deliver the epic feel needed after his Hamlet and Henry V.  Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, A Perfect Getaway) at least looks the part in this trailer and Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs, Howards End) predictably seems great.  My only casting gripe without seeing the film is part of me wishes Branagh had cast himself as Loki.  So if you haven’t seen this footage yet, check it before it disappears and let me know what you think.    


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