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Friday, November 12, 2010

First Footage of Green Lantern

The first footage for Green Lantern is finally available from Entertainment Tonight and . . . I am worried.  I always try to give movies the benefit of the doubt until I have seen the complete film, but this very brief glimpse gives me pause.  I get that Green Lantern is a tough nut to crack for the big screen; from the sci-fi elements, strange super power and weakness to a color, it has the potential to just not work.  I was hopeful with Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Mask of Zorro) directing and Ryan Reynolds (Smokin' Aces, Buried) starring we would get the clever movie we needed.  I am just getting way too much of a Jim Carrey as The Mask vibe from the clip, which is not what I want out of a Green Lantern movie.  Maybe I am being too harsh, it looks like we will be getting more footage from ET on Monday and a full trailer next week with Harry Potter, so my fears may be put to rest within the next week.  I dunno, what do you guys think of the clip?  Is this the right tone for Green Lantern or are we due for another comic adaptation disappointment?

Update: The full legnth trailer for Green Lantern is now available here!


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